: 2A Tuen Mun Heung Sze Wui Road, Tuen Mun

Opening Hour

: 6am-12am

Enquiry Hotline


: 5630 3050

Management Office

: 2761 0600

Location Of Wet Market


Shopping Centre Directory

Shop No.LevelZoneShop NameTrade
D-1H1-1H4 Level 1 Zone D爺爺雞煲皇F&B
D-1H5-1H12 Level 1 Zone D利群(友愛)海鮮飯店F&B
Shop H-201 Level 2 Zone HCASINOFashion & Accessories
Shop H-202A Level 2 Zone HTIME CUBEFashion & Accessories
Shop H-202 Level 2 Zone HSama SamaFashion & Accessories
Shop H-203 Level 2 Zone HGirlsFashion & Accessories
Shop H-205 Level 2 Zone HTimberlandFashion & Accessories
Shop H-207 Level 2 Zone HJamFashion & Accessories
Shop H-209 & H-213 Level 2 Zone H123 by ELLAFashion & Accessories
Shop H-210 Level 2 Zone HMay HousesFashion & Accessories
Shop H-211 & H-212 Level 2 Zone HNew BalanceFashion & Accessories
Shop H-214 Level 2 Zone H仁和堂龜苓膏專門店F&B
Shop H-215 Level 2 Zone HReborn Coffee LtdF&B
Shop H-216 Level 2 Zone H鬍鬚仔 Mustache ChefF&B
Shop H-217 & H-218A Level 2 Zone HBESTMART 360Retail
Shop H-218B Level 2 Zone HKung Fu TeaF&B
Shop H-219-221 Level 2 Zone HMAPLEFashion & Accessories
Shop H-223 Level 2 Zone HInspireFashion & Accessories
Shop H-225 Level 2 Zone HDiceyewear Fashion & Accessories
Shop H-234 Level 2 Zone HCHINA LIFEService and Others
Shop S-102 Level 1 Zone SYau Oi Compradore Retail
Shop S-103 Level 1 Zone STAI SUN GINSENG HONG Personal Care
Shop S-104 Level 1 Zone SFuk Kee Provision Company Retail
Shop S-112 Level 1 Zone SBIG BIG CHICK F&B
Shop S-113 Level 1 Zone S利東粉麵F&B
Shop S-114 & S-115 Level 1 Zone SCircle K Retail
Shop S-117 Level 2 Zone STong Kee Bao DimF&B
Shop S-118 & S-119 Level 1 Zone SBread Show F&B
Shop S-201-203 Level 2 Zone SDo Shing Restaurant F&B
Shop S-204-207 Level 2 Zone SGreen Land RestaurantF&B
Shop S-208 Level 2 Zone SYAU OI FAT FAT FAST FOOD F&B
Shop S-212 Level 2 Zone S正心堂中醫診所Service and Others
Shop S-213 Level 2 Zone SSilkwood Group Seven Computer Centre Retail
Shop S-214 Level 2 Zone SKam Dao Emporium Co Fashion & Accessories
Shop S-215 & S-216 Level 2 Zone STung Ah Dispensary Personal Care
Shop S-217 Level 2 Zone SS.W. Beauty & Health Care Personal Care
Shop S-218 Level 2 Zone SHIP CHEING IngredientsRetail
Shop S-301 Level 3 Zone SMarch Education Centre Education
Shop S-302 Level 3 Zone SYan's Superb Education Group LimitedEducation
Shop S-303 Level 3 Zone SDR. CHAN FUK SHING DENTAL CLINIC Service and Others
Shop S-304 Level 3 Zone SCYPRESS MEDICAL CENTRE Service and Others
Shop S-305 Level 3 Zone SLOGIC TUTORIAL CENTRE Education
Shop S-306 Level 3 Zone SFRIENDS FAMILY MEDICAL CENTRE Service and Others
Shop S-307 & S-308 Level 3 Zone SGOOD STYLE Service and Others
Shop S-312-315 Level 3 Zone S88 Houseware Co. Retail
Shop S-316 Level 3 Zone SYau On L P G Management Ltd Service and Others
Shop S-317 Level 3 Zone SDR. YUNG KIN SING Service and Others
Shop S-318 Level 3 Zone SJP HOUSEService and Others
Shop S-120 Level 1 Zone S金泰園F&B
Shop S-121 Level 1 Zone SSUN MOBILE & Telecom DigitalService and Others
Shop S-122 Level 1 Zone S自在點Service and Others
Shop S-124 & S-125 Level 1 Zone SFairwood F&B
Shop S-126 & S-127 Level 1 Zone SHK Diner F&B
Shop S-128 Level 1 Zone Sadd allRetail
Shop S-220-222 Level 2 Zone SJUMPIN GYM U.S.A.Service and Others
Shop S-223 & S-224 Level 2 Zone S24/7 FitnessService and Others
Shop S-225 & S-228Level 2 Zone SJHC Retail
Shop S-229 & S-230 Level 2 Zone Smannings Personal Care
Shop S-231 & S-232 Level 2 Zone SSukhama 931Fashion & Accessories
Shop S-320A Level 3 Zone SKFC F&B
Shop S-320B Level 3 Zone SPizza HutF&B
Shop S-321 Level 3 Zone SV Cuisine F&B
Shop A-101 & A-102B Level 1 Zone AGing Sun Ho King of BunF&B
Shop A-102A & A-103 Level 1 Zone AHACHINOHEYA JAPANESE RESTAURANT & Mocha AkachanF&B
Shop A-104 Level 1 Zone ATRIM & CUTService and Others
Shop A-105 Level 1 Zone A759 store Retail
Shop A-106 Level 1 Zone A尚品Retail
Shop A-108 Level 1 Zone AMaxim's cakes F&B
Shop A-201 Level 2 Zone ASofamarkRetail
Shop A-202-204 Level 2 Zone AERA Electric Centre Retail
Shop A-205 & A-206 Level 2 Zone ACAFÉ DE CORALF&B
Shop A-207 Level 2 Zone ACAFÉ DE CORAL F&B
Shop A-208 Level 2 Zone AJ-TEXService and Others
Shop A-210-212 Level 2 Zone AFree RunningFashion & Accessories
Shop A-213 Level 2 Zone AFamous Optical Fashion & Accessories
Shop A-121 & A-123 Level 1 Zone AKAI BO FOOD SUPERMARKETRetail
Shop A-124 Level 1 Zone A貓咪貓咪HOMERetail
Shop A-126 Level 1 Zone ANew Culture Fun House Retail
Shop A-127 Level 1 Zone Amedimart Personal Care
Shop A-128 Level 1 Zone ASuper SuperF&B
Shop A-128A Level 1 Zone AWai Yuen TongPersonal Care
Shop A-129 Level 1 Zone AYu Mei and Soup PlusF&B
Shop A-130 Level 1 Zone AXia Mian Guan F&B
Shop A-132 & A-133 Level 1 Zone AHSBCService and Others
Shop A-134 Level 1 Zone ANEW GENERATION CO. Service and Others
Shop A-135-138 Level 1 Zone AS.F. Express Service and Others
Shop A-139 & A-140 Level 1 Zone AHung Fook Tong F&B
Shop A-141 Level 1 Zone AT P Optical Fashion & Accessories
Shop A-142 & A-143 Level 1 Zone AAbouthai Retail
Shop A-144 Level 1 Zone AMcDonald's and/or McCafe F&B
Shop A-145 Level 1 Zone AManna Organic Station Personal Care
Shop A-146-147 & 150 Level 1 Zone ACR CarePersonal Care
Shop A-148 Level 1 Zone ABeijing Tong Ren Tang Personal Care
Shop A-151 Level 1 Zone ASubwayF&B
Shop N-121-123 & N-126-127 Level 1 Zone NReal Expert PlayFun ZoneService and Others
Shop N-125 Level 1 Zone NChiyu Bank Service and Others
Shop N-128 & N-129 Level 1 Zone NGUSTO F&B
Shop N-221 Level 2 Zone NM M HouseFashion & Accessories
Shop N-224 Level 2 Zone NWatsons Personal Care
Shop N-225 Level 2 Zone NClassic Showroom F&B
Shop N-226 Level 2 Zone NFACE plusService and Others
Shop N-227 Level 2 Zone NA-FONTANERetail
Shop N-321 Level 3 Zone Nwellcome Retail
Shop N-101 Level 1 Zone NWah Hing Lung Retail
Shop N-102 Level 1 Zone NSHING TAI NOODLES F&B
Shop N-103 & N-104 Level 1 Zone NWAH KEE CONGEE RESTAURANT F&B
Shop N-112 Level 1 Zone NHOME TASTEF&B
Shop N-113 Level 1 Zone N糖山莊F&B
Shop N-114 Level 1 Zone NWAI WAI NOODLE F&B
Shop N-115 & N-116 Level 1 Zone NCANADIAN PIZZAF&B
Shop N-117 & N-118 Level 1 Zone NMY BAKER @ MAYERF&B
Shop N-119 Level 1 Zone N7-ELEVENRetail
Shop N-201 Level 2 Zone NYat Ting Ho Ying Kee Self-Service Dry Cleaning CoService and Others
Shop N-202-N-203 Level 2 Zone N臺水鏜F&B
Shop N-204-206 Level 2 Zone NKatoya F&B
Shop N-207 & N-208 Level 2 Zone N譚仔三哥米線F&B
Shop N-213 Level 2 Zone NKidzWayEducation
Shop N-214 Level 2 Zone NChung Nam Medicine Co Personal Care
Shop N-216 Level 2 Zone NCheung Shing Chinese Raw-Medicine Hong Personal Care
Shop N-217 Level 2 Zone NWing Lee Housewares Retail
Shop N-301 Level 3 Zone NTai Wah Furniture Retail
Shop N-302 Level 3 Zone NDr. Yuen Tai Tong Service and Others
Shop N-303-N-304 Level 3 Zone NAlpha Select Tutorial CentreEducation
Shop N-305 Level 3 Zone NDr. H.T. Tam & Associates Service and Others
Shop N-306 Level 3 Zone NCity Hair Saloon Service and Others
Shop N-307 & N-308 Level 3 Zone NPIZZABIRD F&B
Shop N-312 Level 3 Zone NHAIR STUDIOService and Others
Shop N-313 Level 3 Zone NHonson Chinese Medicine Center Service and Others
Shop N-314 Level 3 Zone NSmart Way Education Education
Shop N-315 Level 3 Zone NGO SALONService and Others
Shop N-316-317 Level 3 Zone NHoi Kam Piano Co. Education
Shop N-318 Level 3 Zone N提點 remindLOGISTICS & DISTRIBUTION SERVICE
Stall No. 1-2&11 Level 1 YO Mart安泰燒臘家Wet Market F&B
Stall No. T-YO3-4&9 Level 2 YO Mart歡喜麵家Wet Market F&B
Stall No. T-YO5 Level 1 YO Mart包點先生Wet Market F&B
Stall No. T-YO6 Level 1 YO Mart秋田麵包Wet Market F&B
Stall No. T-YO7 Level 1 YO Mart慶和堂Wet Market F&B
Stall No. T-YO8 Level 1 YO Mart泰紅咖哩Wet Market F&B
Stall No. T-YO10 Level 1 YO Mart新鮮水果Wet Market Stall
Stall No. T-YO12 Level 1 YO Mart1+1廚房Wet Market F&B
Stall No. T-YO13 Level 1 YO Mart富興鞋業Wet Market Stall
Stall No. T-YO14 Level 1 YO Mart新階工程Wet Market Stall
Stall No. T-YO16 Level 1 YO Mart碧綠水族館Wet Market Stall
Stall No. T-YO17 Level 1 YO Mart幼平百貨Wet Market Stall
Stall No. T-YO18 Level 1 YO Mart祥興五金Wet Market Stall
Stall No. T-YO19-20 Level 1 YO Mart騰達雜貨Wet Market Stall
Stall No. T-YO21-24 Level 1 YO Mart樂高食品Wet Market Stall
Stall No. T-YO25-26 Level 1 YO Mart粥如意Wet Market F&B
Stall No. T-YO27 Level 1 YO Mart吉祥香燭紙料Wet Market Stall
Stall No. T-YO28 Level 1 YO MartJB HOUSEWet Market Stall
Stall No. T-YO29 Level 1 YO Mart農場蛋Wet Market Stall
Stall No. T-YO30&45 Level 1 YO Mart家福蔬菜Wet Market Stall
Stall No. T-YO31&44 Level 1 YO Mart發記蔬菜Wet Market Stall
Stall No. T-YO32&43 Level 1 YO Mart友愛鮮魚Wet Market Stall
Stall No. T-YO33&42 Level 1 YO Mart藥膳農莊、順發Wet Market Stall
Stall No. T-YO34 Level 1 YO Mart藍海水產Wet Market Stall
Stall No. T-YO35&40 Level 1 YO Mart老三鮮魚Wet Market Stall
Stall No. T-YO36 Level 1 YO Mart加餸站Wet Market Stall
Stall No. T-YO37-38 Level 1 YO Mart晧僑蔬果Wet Market Stall
Stall No. T-YO39 Level 1 YO Mart四維鮮魚Wet Market Stall
Stall No. T-YO41 Level 1 YO Mart友愛肉枱Wet Market Stall
Stall No. T-YO46-47 Level 1 YO Mart香港地食品Wet Market Stall
Stall No. T-YO48-49 Level 1 YO Mart盈溢海產Wet Market Stall
Stall No. T-YO50-51 Level 1 YO Mart環球海產Wet Market Stall
Stall No. T-YO52 Level 1 YO Mart成發豆品Wet Market Stall
Stall No. T-YO53 Level 1 YO Mart新界佬Wet Market Stall
Stall No. T-YO54 Level 1 YO Mart魚肉太太Wet Market Stall
Stall No. T-YO55 Level 1 YO Mart晧僑鮮果Wet Market Stall
Stall No. T-YO56 Level 1 YO Mart騰達豆品Wet Market Stall
Stall No. T-YO57 Level 1 YO Mart騰達豆品Wet Market Stall
Stall No. T-YO58 Level 1 YO Mart恒發糕點Wet Market Stall
Stall No. T-YO59 Level 1 YO Mart大友牛肉Wet Market Stall
Stall No. T-YO60 Level 1 YO Mart健康農場Wet Market Stall
Stall No. T-YO61 Level 1 YO Mart雄樂雜貨Wet Market Stall
Stall No. 62 Level 1 YO Mart榮勝鮮果Wet Market Stall
Stall No. T-YO63 Level 1 YO Mart添寶手撕雞Wet Market Stall
Stall No. T-YO64 Level 1 YO Mart燉湯市場Wet Market Stall
Stall No. T-YO65 Level 1 YO Mart合興美食Wet Market F&B
Stall No. T-YO66 Level 1 YO Mart壹茶Wet Market F&B
Stall No. T-YO67 Level 1 YO MartRICCOWet Market F&B
Stall No. T-YO68 Level 1 YO Mart瀛風Wet Market F&B
Stall No. T-YO69 Level 1 YO Mart星河車仔麵Wet Market F&B
Stall No. T-YO70-71 Level 1 YO Mart嘉庭藥房Wet Market Stall
Stall No. T-YO72 Level 1 YO Mart彩虹報社Wet Market Stall

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