Shun Tin Shopping Centre


Opening Hours

: Shun On Road, Ngau Tau Kok

: 24 hours for open area

Enquiry Hotline


: 5630 3050

Management Office

: 2341 1722

Shopping Centre Directory

Level / FloorUnit Trade Name Category
Tin Kuen House G/F1-2Japan Home CentreShopping
Tin Kuen House G/F3 & 4Pizza HutFood & Beverage
Tin Kuen House G/F5-6BESTMART 360°Shopping
Tin Kuen House G/F7Shun Tin CompradoreShopping
Tin Kuen House G/F8Ying Hon Book ShopShopping
Tin Kuen House G/F9-10manningsShopping
Tin Kuen House G/F11-16FairwoodFood & Beverage
Tin Kuen House 2/F247-260The Neighbourhood Advice-Action Council Shun Tin HostelWelfare
Tin Kei House G/F2Now Hair & CareOthers
Tin Kei House G/F3領健中醫Medical
Tin Kei House G/F4天恩文具店Shopping
Tin Kei House G/F5-8德馨苑海鮮酒家Food & Beverage
Tin Kei House G/F10-14香港街市Wet Market
Tin Kei House 2/F201, 202Dr. Yue Jang Swie's ClinicMedical
Tin Kei House 2/F203Dr. Chan Kit Ching's ClinicMedical
Tin Kei House 2/F204-205Christian Action Shun Tin Training CentreWelfare
Tin Kei House 2/F206-211WellcomeShopping
Tin Yiu House G/F1Chi Hao Perfect Day Cleaning & Laundry Co.Others
Tin Yiu House G/F2天心牙科中心Medical
Tin Yiu House G/F3Sunshine LaundryOthers
Tin Yiu House G/F4Tanaka Cake Shop Food & Beverage
Tin Yiu House G/F5Sweet Heart Fast Food ShopFood & Beverage
Tin Yiu House G/F6Yan Wo Tong Food & Beverage
Tin Yiu House G/F7日報社Shopping
Tin Yiu House G/F87-ElevenShopping
Tin Yiu House G/F9Wah Fung Furniture Decoration CoShopping
Tin Yiu House G/F10Ubesi (Shun Tin) Piano Company Education
Tin Yiu House G/F11榮華快餐店Food & Beverage
Tin Yiu House G/F12黃祥華中醫診所Medical
Tin Yiu House G/F13A微集新世代Others
Tin Yiu House G/F13BNeat CutOthers
Tin Yiu House G/F14A順添藥行Shopping
Tin Yiu House G/F14BQuantuvis Education Education
Tin Yiu House G/F15-17鐘聲慈善社Welfare
Tin Yiu House 2/F201仁愛堂Welfare
Tin Yiu House 1/FATMBank of China (Hong Kong) ATMBank
Tin Wing House G/F103Better Education Co. Education
Tin Wing House G/F104A HSBC ATMBank
Tin Wing House G/F112-114American Baptist Mission (Shun Tin Study Room) - Organised by Shun Tin Baptist Chuch and American Baptist Mission Welfare
Cooked Food StallNo.1, 2順豐潮州小菜Food & Beverage
Cooked Food StallNo.3, 4天發粥麵小廚Food & Beverage
Cooked Food StallNo.5-8萬順茶餐廳Food & Beverage
Commercial Block AEH1Hong Tat Elderly Care Centre Others
Commercial Block AEH2Hong Tat Elderly Care Centre Others

Last Update:Jan 26, 2022

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