Lai Kok Shopping Centre


Opening Hours

: 12 Tonkin Street, Cheung Sha Wan

: 9am – 10pm

Enquiry Hotline


: 5630 3050

Management Office

: 2720 5164

Shopping Centre Directory

FloorShop No. Shop NameCategory
Lai Mei House G/F & 1/F1凝心薈Others
Lai Mei House G/F2Joyful Home Others
Lai Mei House G/F3, 4Hong Kong YWCA Career Development and Training CentreOthers
Lai Mei House G/FFood For GoodOthers
Lai Huen House G/F102Hong Kong Family Welfare Society West Kowloon (Lai Huen) CentreOthers
Lai Huen House G/F103104Loving Kids Community Services CentreOthers
Lai Huen House G/F105106Lai Kok Post OfficeOthers
Lai Lan House G/F1&1A煌宴海鮮酒家Food & Beverage
G/F3Baker TalentFood & Beverage
G/F5-6, 12-14759 StoreShopping
G/F'G7,8,11Platform Art Jamming StudioEducation
G/FG17-19Hollywood CaféFood & Beverage
G/FG20AParkland Music InstituteEducation
G/FG23-24Yu Mai and Soup Plus Food & Beverage
G/FG26Yan Wo TongFood & Beverage
G/F21-26Lai Kok Nursing HomeOthers
G/F39 7-ElevenShopping
G/F40Kafuyu Beauty CentreOthers
1/F, 2/FWholeYOHOShopping
Wet MarketM01U-SelectShopping
Wet MarketM02大總館小廚Food & Beverage
Wet MarketM03Ming Shun RestaurantFood & Beverage
Wet MarketM04爸爸車仔麵Food & Beverage
Wet MarketM05壽司安Food & Beverage
Wet MarketM06滋味店Food & Beverage
Wet MarketM07Waffle CornerFood & Beverage
Wet MarketM08嚐潮Food & Beverage
Wet MarketM09將軍小食Food & Beverage
Wet MarketM10包點先生Food & Beverage
Wet MarketM12森記粥店Food & Beverage
Wet MarketM13地道館Food & Beverage
Wet MarketM14小確茶Food & Beverage
Wet MarketM15陳儀興牛什粉麵Food & Beverage
Wet MarketM16廣發燒臘Food & Beverage
Wet MarketM17消閒書報社Market
Wet MarketM18健康農場 Market
Wet MarketM19, 20騰達雜貨Market
Wet MarketM21滙慶行 (凍肉)Market
Wet MarketM22野菜先生(菜檔)Market
Wet MarketM23隆興豆品Market
Wet MarketM24領鮮 Market
Wet MarketM25老三鮮魚Market
Wet MarketM27, 28果然好一鮮Market
Wet MarketM29果然好一鮮Market
Wet MarketM30開心專業洗衣Market
Wet MarketM31, 32恆豐家庭五金Market

Last updated: 14 Jun, 2019

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