King Lam Shopping Centre


: 38 Po Lam Road North Tseung Kwan O

Opening Hours

: 24 hours for open area

Enquiry Hotline


: 5630 3050

Management Office

: 2704 0168

Location Of Wet Market

G/F, King Lam Shopping Centre

Shopping Centre Directory

Level / FloorUnitTrade NameCategory
G/FG1Bello SalonOthers
G/FG2AKumon Gauss Education CentreEducation
G/FG3AYu Mai /Soup PlusFood & Beverage
G/FG3BCafé de CoralFood & Beverage
G/FG4海濤軒小食Food & Beverage
G/FG5Saint Honore Cake ShopFood & Beverage
G/FG5ALifeform Option Chinese Medical ClinicMedical
G/FG6Circle KShopping
G/FG7Mike Café / Chicken FactoryFood & Beverage
G/FG8榮記食品Food & Beverage
G/FG9HSBC Service CentreOthers
G/FG11SC CenterOthers
G/FG13Kung Fu Dim SumFood & Beverage
G/FG15ASpectrum OpticalShopping
G/FG15BAnytime FitnessOthers
G/FG16AAnytime FitnessOthers
G/FG16BBeverly CycleShopping
G/FKing Chung House 1Key SalonOthers
G/FKing Chung House 2King Lam Medical CentreMedical
G/FKing Chung House 3詠斯補習中心Education
G/FKing Chung House 4Prime & NaturalMedical
G/FKing Chung House 5TOKYO BOOK STOREShopping
G/FKing Chung House 5AAppolo (Magic House)Food & Beverage
G/FKing Chung House 6Java MartShopping
G/FKing Chung House 7King Lam Medicine CompanyShopping
G/FKing Chung House 8Taste of LoveShopping
G/FKing Lui House 4Dr. Chan Wai Tak/ Dr. Tong Kwok SumMedical
1/F101Prosperous GardenOthers
Wet MarketT-KL1嘉季Wet Market
Wet MarketT-KL2VacantWet Market
Wet MarketT-KL3VacantWet Market
Wet MarketT-KL4VacantWet Market
Wet MarketT-KL5VacantWet Market
Wet MarketT-KL6E. TEA 茶星人Wet Market
Wet MarketT-KL7嚐情味Wet Market
Wet MarketT-KL8VacantWet Market
Wet MarketT-KL9VacantWet Market
Wet MarketT-KL10哥哥炸雞Wet Market
Wet MarketT-KL11偉記車仔麵Wet Market
Wet MarketT-KL12VacantWet Market
Wet MarketT-KL13景林燒臘Wet Market
Wet MarketT-KL14金滷加Wet Market
Wet MarketT-KL15 -T-KL16平記海味雜貨Wet Market
Wet MarketT-KL17子健鮮果Wet Market
Wet MarketT-KL18許賢蔬菜Wet Market
Wet MarketT-KL19豐修蔬菜Wet Market
Wet MarketT-KL20VacantWet Market
Wet MarketT-KL22活魚鮮Wet Market
Wet MarketT-KL23海渟洗衣Wet Market
Wet MarketT-KL24廣同興Wet Market
Wet MarketT-KL25VacantWet Market
Wet MarketT-KL26東方五金家品Wet Market
Wet MarketT-KL27凱昇水電鎖Wet Market
Wet MarketT-KL28景林香莊Wet Market
Wet MarketT-KL29Smart FoodWet Market
Wet MarketT-KL30大池記Wet Market
Wet MarketT-KL31加餸堂Wet Market
Wet MarketT-KL32泰國菜Wet Market
Wet MarketT-KL33景林理髮Wet Market
Wet MarketT-SK34菜鳥驛站Wet Market
Wet MarketT-KL35金盟生活Wet Market
Wet MarketT-KL36IPH168Wet Market
Wet MarketT-KL37健康農場Wet Market
Wet MarketT-KL38VacantWet Market
Wet MarketT-KL39原味道Wet Market
Wet MarketT-KL40魚肉太太Wet Market
Wet MarketT-KL41 - T-KL42JC FruitWet Market
Wet MarketT-KL43領鮮Wet Market
Wet MarketT-KL44牛舍Wet Market
Wet MarketT-KL45粉麵世家Wet Market
Wet MarketT-KL46VacantWet Market
Wet MarketT-KL47VacantWet Market
Wet MarketT-KL48VacantWet Market
Wet MarketT-KL49VacantWet Market
Wet MarketT-KL50環球海產Wet Market
Wet MarketT-KL51翠絲花店Wet Market
Wet MarketT-KL52馮伙海鮮Wet Market
Wet MarketT-KL53環球海產Wet Market

Last UpdateDec, 2023

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