Tai Wo Hau Shopping Centre


Opening Hours

: 15 Tai Wo Hau Road

: 9am – 10pm

Enquiry Hotline


: 2583 7426

Management Office

: 2429 3244

Location of Wet Market

1/F, Tai Wo Hau Shopping Centre

Shopping Centre Directory

FloorShop No.Shop NameCategory
G/F, Fu Man HouseA01Learning Bridge Education Centre (Tai Wo Hau School)Education
G/F, Fu Man HouseA02Yee Tai HongShopping
G/F, Fu Man HouseA03Shing Cheong Hardware Furniture DecorationShopping
G/F, Fu Man HouseA04You and MeOthers
G/F, Fu Man HouseA05Chase Academic Education CentreEducation
G/F, Fu Man HouseA06Hang Hing Watch Service CenterOthers
G/FA07譚仔三哥米線Food & Beverage
G/FA08寶和堂養生專門店Food & Beverage
1/FB02Tin Shing ShopShopping
1/FB07Golden Castle BakeryFood & Beverage
1/FB08-09Fuji Music CentreEducation
1/FB10Wei Mei ShoesOthers
1/FB11Kin KeeOthers
2/FCFS1-4New Nan Hing RestaurantFood & Beverage
2/FCFS5Koon Wah SnackFood & Beverage
2/FCFS6Chap ShingFood & Beverage
2/FCFS7一豆花Food & Beverage
2/FCFS8Sing Hing Noodles ShopFood & Beverage
2/FC05Sam N Billy Education CentreEducation
2/FC06Parkland StudioOthers
2/FC08Oriental Kingdom RestaurantFood & Beverage
3/F, Fu Pong HouseC09-10Circle KShopping
3/F, Fu Pong HouseC11M & F Cleaning Co.Others
3/F, Fu Pong HouseC12Citi HairOthers
3/F, Fu Pong HouseC13Origintech Computer CompanyShopping
2/FC15Japan Home CentreShopping
2/FATM1ATM (Bank of China)Bank
1/F, Fu Pik House209-211FairwoodFood & Beverage
G/F, Fu On House103Lyrical Music CenterEducation
G/F, Fu On House104China Hong Kong Newly Emerged Sports AssociationOthers
Podium Floor, Fu On House107Kin Wah HinEducation
Podium Floor, Fu On House112Love & Care for the Sick FoundationOthers
Podium Floor, Fu On House114AMing Hoi HoOthers
Podium Floor, Fu On House114-116Hong Kong Family Welfare Society New Territories (Tai Wo Hau) CentreOthers
G/F, Phase 217-ElevenShopping
G/F, Phase 22Appolo (Magic House)Food & Beverage
G/F, Phase 23Kumon Tai Wo Hau Fu Kwok Education CentreEducation
G/F, Phase 24姊妹飲食Food & Beverage
G/F, Phase 25PARKnSHOPShopping
G/F, Phase 26Café 100{2dba0dd06fc36a162f95e8e30ff06516680e404b95ba6f2e4d16a26eef85e83c}Food & Beverage
G/F, Phase 27型髮廊Others
G/F, Phase 28Kam On Medicine Co.Shopping
G/F, Phase 29759 StoreShopping
G/F, Phase 2LK01EF LockerOthers
G/F, Phase 2MTR Fare SaverOthers
G/F, Fu Tak House1The Faith Medical GroupMedical
G/F, Fu Tak House2上海新華乾洗Others
G/F, Fu Tak House3Brilliant Class Tutorial CentreEducation
G/F, Fu Tak House4Dr. Victor S.H. Tai and AssociatesMedical

Last Update:11 Dec 2018

Car Park

Tai Wo Hau Carpark (Fu Man House), Tai Wo Hau Carpark (Fu Kwok House)

Parking Promotion

Tai Wo Hau Carpark (Fu Man House), Tai Wo Hau Carpark (Fu Kwok House)

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