Lions Rise Mall


Opening Hours

: 8 Muk Lun Street, Wong Tai Sin

: 9am-10pm

Enquiry Hotline


: 5630 3050

Management Office

: 2321 8318

Shopping Centre Directory

FloorShop No. Shop Name Category
G/F1,2Café 2.0Food & Beverage
G/F5,6,7,8Centre of WellnessMedical
G/F9Real Expert Play Fun Zone Others
G/F10,11Real Expert Play Fun Zone Others
G/F12Real Expert Play Fun Zone Others
G/F13AReal Expert Play Fun Zone Others
G/F13BEye Level Integrity Education CentreEducation
G/F15, 22, 23GO24 FitnessOthers
G/F16Real Expert Play Fun Zone Others
G/F17Real Expert Play Fun Zone Others
G/F18, 19Real Expert Play Fun Zone Others
G/F20Golden Hall Dessert Food & Beverage
G/F21House of Ho Yuen Food & Beverage
G/F22ARicacorp PropertiesOthers
1/F1Dr I-Kids Education Centre Education
1/F2, 3Gaia Veggie ShopFood & Beverage
1/F5Greenery Music Education
1/F6Parkland Music Institute Education
1/F7Child Psychological Development AssociationEducation
1/F8, 9 Hong Kong Institute of Technology (HKIT)Education
1/F10Jolly KingdomEducation
1/F11,12RR ProfessionalOthers
1/F13Star EnglishEducation
1/F15Saizeriya Italian RestaurantFood & Beverage
1/F16Hakka CusineFood & Beverage
1/F18MathConcept Learning Center (Lion Rise) Education
1/F19Cherry Tree English Education CentreEducation
1/F21,22759 StoreShopping
2/F1A,1B,1CKing Palace Chinese Restaurant Food & Beverage
2/F2Market Place by JasonsShopping
2/F3,5,6,7Ingrid Millet ParisShopping
2/F8V Cuisine Food & Beverage
2/F9,10Babington Education Centre (Wong Tai Sin)Education
2/FLK01EF LockerShopping
2/F12Hong Kong PropertyOthers
2/FCM01Vi Vi ShopOthers

Last Update:27 Dec 2018

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