Shan King Commercial Centre


Opening Hours

: 1 Ming Kum Road Tuen Mun

: 24 hours for open area

Enquiry Hotline


: 5630 3050

Management Office

: 2463 8965

Location Of Wet Market

G/F, Shan King Commercial Centre

Shopping Centre Directory

FloorShop No.Shop NameCategory
LG/F101, 102新美棋餐廳小廚Food & Beverage
LG/F103, 104, 105The Vermicelli HouseFood & Beverage
LG/F119, 120WellcomeShopping
LG/F121Café de CoralFood & Beverage
LG/F122Circle KShopping
LG/F123Super SuperFood & Beverage
LG/F124McDonald'sFood & Beverage
G/F1Ease EducationEducation
G/F2Elite Medical CentreMedical
G/F3Dr Y M NgMedical
G/F5, 6City Hair SalonOthers
G/F7順德水鄉Food & Beverage
G/F8, 97-ElevenShopping
G/F11, 12林園Food & Beverage
G/F14SAHK [email protected] KG ~ On-site Pre-school Rehabilitation Services (Shan King Office)Others
G/F15Hung Fat CoShopping
G/F17Clear Point OpticalShopping
G/F19, 20美新茶餐廳Food & Beverage
G/F, 2/F21Granyet (Shan King) Elderly Care CentreOthers
G/F22Life CutOthers
G/F113, 114Taste of LoveShopping
G/F201G4 ComputerShopping
G/F204慶和堂涼茶Food & Beverage
G/F206Circle KShopping
G/F208Louie BakeryFood & Beverage
G/F209, 210Caritas Community of Education Centre - Shan KingOthers
King Wa House G/F107, 108Japan Home CentreShopping
King Wa House G/F109健足養髮館Others
King Wa House G/F1107-ElevenShopping
King Wa House G/F111Cherry Cake ShopFood & Beverage
King Wa House G/F115, 116高天教育中心Education
King Wa House G/F117高天教育中心Education
King Wa House G/F118柏思教育Education
King Wa House G/F221SAHK Funlearn @ KG ~ On-site Pre-school Rehabilitation Services (Shan King Office)Others
King Wa House 2/F213包餃店Food & Beverage
King Wa House 2/F214Standard Chartered BankBank
King Wa House 2/F215HSBC ATMBank
King Wa House 2/F216, 217Chubb's PizzaFood & Beverage
King Wa House 2/F218Dr. Luk Yau Hei DannisMedical
King Wa House 2/F219Precious Health Medical CentreMedical
King Wa House 2/F220Dr. Wong Hing KuenMedical
Car Park/Community Block 3/F1Hong Chi Shan King CentreWelfare
Car Park/Community Block 3/F1B, 3Fu Hong Society Shan King Adult Training CentreWelfare
Car Park/Community Block 3/F4Tuen Mun District Integrated Services Centre for the ElderlyWelfare
Cooked Food Stall1, 2, 3, 4肥南燒鵝風味小廚Food & Beverage
Wet MarketA01Kai Bo Food SupermarketWet Market
Wet Market1, 2得好福Wet Market
Wet Market6景隆文具精品店Wet Market
Wet Market22順發花園Wet Market
Wet Market23保康堂Wet Market
Wet Market25山景水電配匙Wet Market
Wet Market26天天理髮店Wet Market
Wet Market27順興紙號Wet Market
Wet Market31興隆參茸藥行Wet Market
Wet Market33生隆凍肉Wet Market
Wet Market34唯美軒Wet Market
Wet Market38大興燒腊Wet Market
Wet Market40泰生活Wet Market
Wet Market45榮記行Wet Market
Wet Market46致勝冷氣水電工程Wet Market
Wet Market47-50得億生果Wet Market
Wet Market51昌記鮮肉Wet Market
Wet Market52有生Wet Market
Wet Market53聯發魚枱Wet Market
Wet Market54宏源蔬菜Wet Market
Wet Market55宏源蔬菜Wet Market
Wet Market56宏源蔬菜Wet Market
Wet Market57順景蔬菜Wet Market
Wet Market58順景蔬菜Wet Market
Wet Market60宏聯肉枱Wet Market
Wet Market66景生裝飾水電Wet Market
Wet Market67天美美容顧問中心Wet Market
Wet Market68天美美容顧問中心Wet Market
Wet Market69勤意改衣Wet Market
Wet Market70遠廣工程公司Wet Market
Wet Market72琪欣服裝百貨Wet Market
Wet Market73鴻發行Wet Market
Wet Market74, 75寶光鲜果店Wet Market
Wet Market77泉記食雜士多Wet Market
Wet Market81景華新鮮肉檔Wet Market
Wet Market84景福理髮舖Wet Market
Wet Market85星睿集團有限公司Wet Market
King Wah House, G/FATM No. 2ICBC ATMBank

Last Update:27 May 2019

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