Goodwin Gaw

Chairman and Managing Principal, Gaw Capital

Gaw Capital Partners officially started to operate 29 assets and facilities near the public estates and established “People’s Place”.

“People’s Place” strives to collaborate with the local communities in enshrining the community spirit and consolidating the neighbourhood’s camaraderie; we view the 29 shopping centres as publicly beneficial projects that concurrently serve as a form of long-term investment.

Our vision is as follow: through professional asset management and encouraging proactive social participation, we seek to transform each individual shopping centre into the community hub of their respective district. Our team has been assiduously engaging and consulting stakeholders, and – through deepening our understanding of what the neighbourhood desires – seek to gradually improve the neighbourhood facilities and the shopping centres’ environments.

Looking into the future, People’s Place aspires to strengthen the ties and sense of belonging of residents towards their communities; through actively shouldering our share of corporate social responsibility, we seek to build viable social networks and communities founded upon principles of reciprocity and compassion.

Gaw Capital’s Chairman and Managing Principal, Mr. Goodwin Gaw hopes that he can lead People’s Place’s team in making effective use of his past experience in running the shopping centres with vision and innovation, injecting new synergy into the community and providing quality services to the public.
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