After eight months of extensive renovations, Siu Hei Shopping Centre in Tuen Mun was revitalized under the theme of  “Smile and Laughter.” The mall was officially reopened on 8 July 2020, with People’s Place introducing a fresh layout to the shopping center. 

Located in Yau Oi Estate, Tuen Mun, YO Mart recently re-opened in June 2020 after four months of revitalisation works. Since taking over the wet market’s operations in 2018, People’s Place has made commitments to redefine the under-utilized wet market by diversifying the tenant pool, increasing the number of shops and bringing in a new look to the community.

People’s Place, Red Bull and art firm SWL joined hands to collaborate for the first time on the revitalization of of H.A.N.D.S basketball court managed by People’s Place in Tuen Mun. With an aim to inject positive energy into the community and advocate a healthy lifestyle of regular exercise through incorporation of vibrant public art into public estate community, the project was recently completed and reopened to the public in November 2019.

Even prior to its renovation works, the Kai Yip Recreation Centre had always embodied what the neighbourhood reminiscence about the “good old days”. This was why People’s Place sought to preserve the centre’s original spirit in its renovation process. We strived to transform the centre into a space that both encapsulated the distinctly local Hong Kong vibe and fostered a sense of belonging between neighbours, thus maintaining the communal spirit that had made it special in the first place.
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