Siu Hei Shopping Centre Renovation Works

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Revitalisation of Siu Hei Shopping Centre Under the Theme of “Smile and Laughter”
a Thriving Community hub for Dining, Shopping and Recreation

After eight months of extensive renovations, People’s Place of Gaw Capital has revitalized Siu Hei Shopping Centre in Tuen Mun under the theme of “Smile and Laughter.” The mall was officially reopened on 8 July 2020, with People’s Place introducing a fresh layout to the shopping center. New additions include the Siu Hei Food Street, which brings together a selection of food stalls and snack vendors that embody the spirit and tastes of the local community. The former basketball court has also been refashioned into a multi-purpose sportsground. Through this revitalization, which is Gaw Capital’s second complete renovation of a public estate shopping mall, we hope to transform Siu Hei Shopping Centre into a community hub that offers the neighborhood a variety of dining, shopping and recreational options.

  • Before-Siu Hei Indoor Court 1
    After-Siu Hei Indoor Court 1
    Before Siu Hei Indoor Court 1 After
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    After-Indoor Court 2
    Before Indoor Court 2 After
  • Before-Siu Hei Food Street 1
    After-Siu Hei Food Street 1
    Before Siu Hei Food Street 1 After
  • Before-Siu Hei Food Street 2
    After-Siu Hei Food Street 2
    Before Siu Hei Food Street 2 After

Transformed the Obsolete Wet Market into Siu Hei Food Street,
with New Supermarket and Lifestyle Stores Introduced

After taking over management of the 35-year-old Siu Hei Shopping Center in March 2019, People’s Place realized the space contained much untapped potential. Many problems were immediately apparent, such as outdated facilities, sparse recreational selections, and a lack of air conditioning in the market. As a result, our team collaborated with local designers to reshuffle the mall layout, creating a space that celebrates the neighborhood’s community spirit and serves the needs of all ages.

In order to meet the dining needs of the local community, the team has converted the old wet market into Siu Hei Food Street. The Food Street is currently at full tenant capacity, and boasts new additions such as air conditioning, enhanced lighting and non-slip flooring. The number of food vendors in the mall has since increased from two to sixteen, with brand-new offerings including: Hong Kong-style cha chaan tengs (Cantonese coffee shops); Teochew noodles; cart noodles; Chinese dim sum; stone-ground cheung fen (rice noodles); Japanese cuisine; Taiwanese fried chicken; burger shops; desserts and tong suis (sweet soups); and Kung Fu Tea. Along with these new additions, we have sought to preserve shops that have been an integral part of the community’s history and culture – one example of this is the long-standing “Siu Hei Shop,” which has been operating in the neighborhood for over twenty years and shares precious memories with many residents.

Outside the Food Street, the former sportsground has been converted into a multi-purpose recreational space suitable for activities such as ping pong, badminton, or simply relaxing. We are also proud to introduce the widely popular store Living Plaza by Aeon to the area, as well as a wet market on the first floor that provides locals with fresh produce without sacrificing convenience.

Building a Community Hub under the Theme of “Smile and Laughter”

The goal of Gaw Capital and People’s Place is to breathe new life into the neighborhood, reimagining the Siu Hei Shopping Centre as a one-of-a-kind community hub. In order to achieve this, People’s Place worked closely with One Bite Design Studio to create the theme of “Smile and Laughter” – a play on the Chinese name of the estate. Curved graphical elements are used to represent smiles throughout the center, and the Food Street and sportsground are designed in warm tones that generate a comfortable atmosphere.

  • Before-Top shot
    After-Top shot
    Before Top shot After
  • Before-upper court
    After-upper court
    Before upper court After
  • Before-lower court
    After-lower court
    Before lower court After

Siu Hei Sportsground
A New Tuen Mun Hotspot for Exercise and Photography


The sportsground on the roof of Siu Hei Estate’s carpark had long suffered from a lack of maintenance and was in generally poor condition. Building upon our previous successes in Kai Yip, Cheung Hang, and H.A.N.D.S, People’s Place believes in the value of refurbishing sports facilities in strengthening community spirit. With Siu Hei as the fourth multi-purpose sportsground revitalized by People’s Place, we hope this forty thousand square feet rooftop will serve as a shared space for the community.

The refurbished sportsground is one of a kind within Tuen Mun, containing two basketball courts, two basketball half-courts, a gridded playscape, two 150-meter long jogging tracks, and a car tire zone. A racetrack on the sportsground also provides the opportunity for balance bike practice and competitions. Residents of all ages can explore their imaginations and discover new ways to adopt the space for various games and activities.

Furthermore, the Siu Hei Sportsground features various designs under the theme of “Smile and Laughter,” creating many unique photo opportunities for locals and tourists alike. These designs include the stairway within the sportsground, and a “Smile Wall” that highlights drawings from local children using bananas based on our theme of happiness. A bird’s eye view of the court also reveals the letters “S” and “H” (representing “Siu Hei”) and numbers “8” and “5” (Siu Hei Estate was built in 1985), as well as many smiley faces cleverly hidden in the sportsground that inject a sense of liveliness into the community.

Inviting Neighborhood Children to Participate in Redesigning Siu Hei,
Cultivating a Sense of Community Belonging

People’s Place values the indispensable role Siu Hei’s community plays in the emergence of this community hub, which we hope will fulfil the needs of all residents.  Therefore, we invited children from the neighborhood to participate in the redesigning of Siu Hei facilities. Students from two kindergartens and two primary schools took part in a workshop co-hosted by One Bite Social and New Life Psychiatric Rehabilitation Association. The students made drawings with smiley faces using bananas, which were eventually adopted as the primary design for the walls adjacent to the audience stand. During the process of redesigning the sportsground, the People’s Place team also took into account the opinions of local children regarding the sportsground facilities. Subsequently, the finalized design includes a car tire zone, traffic-light-shaped interactive wall art, and a racetrack to inspire imaginative play.

Supporting Local Teen-Hosted Community Events
& Establishing a “Siu Hei Basketball Team” at their homecourt

We hope that local residents will take advantage of these shared spaces to host all kinds of activities, cultivating a sense of belonging within the neighborhood. Our team is currently working with one of the mall’s tenants, Caritas Jockey Club Integrated Service for Young People Tuen Mun, to organise the Siu Hei Youth Empowerment Program and encourage event hosting. This program will allow local adolescents to create a range of activities based on sports, arts & culture, inter-generational community building and environment at the shopping center, thereby uniting and empowering local residents. These activities will be supported by Caritas, and all fees will be sponsored by People’s Place. Other events include carnivals and sports games in collaboration with corporate brands and organizations. In the meantime, People’s Place will also continue to support “Well Dunk!”, a public estate basketball league and training programme for youths pioneered by the local charity InspiringHK Sports Foundation by offering the basketball courts for training and competition use and subsidising  the creation of a local basketball team in Siu Hei.

Dedicated Mobile App Launching Digital Loyalty Programme with Exciting Rewards and Redemption

People’s Place has always sought to use new technologies as a way of providing better services to the local community. We will be rolling out a mobile app which gives users access to the latest news, discount updates, and court booking services. After registering, those who spend in the Siu Hei Food Street will collect loyalty points acquired from purchases. These points can be exchanged for home appliances, food coupons, free parking, or free sports experience

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